Saturday, 24 November 2012

Mazloom ya Munafiq - saach Exclusive


  1. I think your 3rd last para comment that we were sold to safeguard ourselves from going into the stone age sums most of our problem.
    It is the turn which has brought us here at this point.. and this turn was not taken by a democratic government, rather it was taken by a single person in a single moment. So i personally think if we had taken the other turn and not that turn at that point we probably would have been much better... As one of the Allah sayings is that he is the ultimate planner and if we submit to HIS teaching HE will reward us... i dont think i need to add anything more..

    1. You are spot on my friend. The root lies their but looking at what the so called democratic govt has done to us , they made it worst. Although the 23% actual voter turn out said it all but it is for all of us to ponder, WHY DO WE ALLOW ANY OF THESE CROOKS to rule us ... its only us as a nation to blame that we look for escaoe goats and blame every one for our situation. We dont go to the polling booths thinking that its useless, thus allowing these people to manupulate our Mandate. To make it worst, ppl who Do go to the polls, do not vote on merit but their affiliations and sympathies towards people based on ethenicity, personal gain and past affiliations. time for a change in attitudes for sure and we all have to be ears, mouth legs and arms of each other to propagate the message and create awareness.