Friday, 13 September 2013

A Letter to Na-Maloom Afrad from Maloom Fard - A Karachites Life...

(Heart Wrenching Plight of a Common Man in Karachi)

Dear Mr. Head / Leader of NA-MALOOM Afrad,

My Name is 'Maloom Afrad'. I live in Karachi (yes the City that you have transformed into HELL for its residents). I have a real story for you. I am sure that will make you happy.

Let me tell you first. I have 1 baby girl and her age is 9 years. She is student of class 3. I love her like you may love your Daughter.

That was 11th Sep 2013. 7:30 am. I started my Motor bike. My Baby was sitting on the front. I dropped her to school and drove toward my office. when I reached office, Suddenly I received a call from School principle that there is strike call due to Mr. Nadeem’s arrest please take your baby to home and please come fast we are forced to close School. Your child will be outside the school as we cannot stay at school.


I was not able to think anything at that time. I rushed to my area from Shahrah E Faisal. Normally it takes 40 minutes for me to reach home from office.

You can think what my situation may have been in this condition. I wish this can happen to "NA-MALOOM" Afrad too.

I was flaying on the roads to reach my baby’s school. There were traffic jams. People were setting fire to vehicles, rush all around.

In this tension I reached her school. I was almost crying to find my kid. I rushed to school gate but there was a buss set on fire by Na maloom afrad. And my baby was not there. I was shouting and asking people where the kids are. I was crying and begging. But my baby was not there. Suddenly I rushed to back of the burning buss. Ohhhhhh God. My Kid was sitting in a corner away from that bus and saving herself from the heat of the flames. Her face was red because of the heat of the flames.

I picked her in my arms. Kissed her, perhaps like you kiss your baby. I hugged her like may be Mr. Nawaz Shareef hug their kids, I cleared her face like may be Mr. Zardari ever did to their kids.

So we rushed to home. We remained safe just because of my God.

I want to grab attention of all the politicians, Government officials, Pakistan Army and Agencies.

Where do we stand, are we supposed to live like that? Is THIS what we deserve? What is our sin in the arrest of Mr. Nadeem? What have I done wrong to bear THIS in the name of Ethnic and emotional exploitation of ordinary residents of Karachi? Why Am I USED by the NaMaloom Afrad to advance their AGENDA? Is this my Fate? Am I there to face all this all year round , every single week day in day out of my life? Let me be Clear, I am NOT INTRESTED in who was arrested and why and whether he is , was or ever be innocent or not. All i am intrested in is by ANY means just get rid of these NAMALOOM afrad.

And You Mr HEAD of Namaloom Afrad, All i know is, that YOU have made my life a LIVING HELL. and last but not the Least I DONT DESERVE THIS.

I know you don’t have any answer to my questions. But please remember that, We will be equal on the day of judgment. I and thousands of victims like me will ask you about the justice, about what you have done to us. And on that day our hands will be on the collars of Na Maloom afrad. Because All the Na Malooms are Maloom to Allah.

Think about it. please.


  1. Khoda agr muja taqat da na prime minister jaise to MQM ki haddeya bhawola kutto ko kila do sari burai ka jurr.

  2. dear mr Taqveem Ahsan Siddiqui,

    stop using this internet in order to pollute this world with your idiotic ideas and stop sensationalizing and stop being negative critique of MQM

    you have criticised mustafa kamal mindlessly, you keep on ranting against MQM

    try to do constructive criticism with some knowledge rather then destructive criticism with little or no knowledge about the topic at hand

    1. Dear Mr Hammad Shakil,

      Thank you very much for your feedback. Firstly thank you for taking out time and reading the Other blog as well that was related to The Rains and Floods. Before moving on, Please try and refute the arguments in BOTH blogs RATIONALLY rather than Emotionally and with Rhetoric. It is a Shame that Not only MQM leadership but some of their Supporters also LACK rational arguments. And this is the case for quite a few years now. Let me also remind people that this is NOT 90s, So the RANTS and RHETORIC sold to people in the 90s is NOT GOING to work. Come with Rational arguments sir.

      First of All why are you feeling GUILTY on THIS blog, I have NO IDEA... Its about NA-Maloom afrad, which to me can be anyone but YES the evidence of 11th September STRONGLY suggests that they ARE related to MQM.

      I cannot believe you or anyone else is able to Defend what happened on 11th September 2013 in Karachi. There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY to justify Forced Shut Down of Shops, Closing down of Businesses , School Closures , Burning down peoples livelyhoods and means of earning a living , killing people etc etc in the name of expressing your feling over JUST AN ARREST. I dont have to go in details as I feel everything is crystal clear in front of everyone's eyes. You can CHOSE to act NAIVE if this satisfies you, but Really its a shame that we defend the most hyenous crimes committed in the name of politics and our own political associations.

      Last but not the least, Rest assured this is an account of TRUE incident. Besides that this is an everyday HELL that Karachites face day in and day out so there are Many a thousand who can RELATE themselves to this. The phots in this blog are not LIBRARY photos, these are taken ON THE 11th of September 2013.

      I hope you will put Humanity, Pakistan and Self Esteem before your Party love and affiliation.

      Long Live Pakistan.

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  3. Mr Taqveem Ahsan Siddiqui,

    i dont believe in the rubbish story you just wrote here, your kid was the responsibility of the school she studies in, you must immediately transfer her to another school since their management seems very irresponsible

    about the burning vehicles, this is the source which puts the complete picture of who actually started all this mess in the first place

    the MPA which got arrested has been released and he is proven innocent

    what happened in the yusuf plaza was the repetation of 90s ops where people just like you were treated like animals, blind folded, some of them were arrested tortured and forced to confess crimes they didnt commit

    this is the video of yusuf plaza and you can hear the true stories from their very own residents who were raided, they got their properties destroyed, they were humiliated, tortured and what not, so why its always your own daughter you think about? why not think about every human, why not think about humanity?

    i believe when you treat people like animals, reaction is bound to come

    MQM is not the party who has been given authority of the law and order situation in Karachi, its mostly the police not under MQM who takes all the bhatta in the city and aman committee which has nothing to do with MQM from the saddar area which is the financial back bone of karachi

    this is the report where uzair baloch himself admits who is responsible for the situation

    you should read the whole report and understand the situation

    1. Mr Shakil,

      See you are still RANTING and RAVING the same Crap that is a BEACON of MQM supporters now. OK again if you can use your brain without your love for MQM, The INCIDENT is true, did not Happen with me , And as i said, BESIDES it being true , this is something that thousands of Karachites can Relate themselves to.

      Now WHERE IN THE LETTER did we say that The EX MNA was GUILTY?? or NOT GUILTY??? it talks about what happened on THE DAY. HOW CAN YOU JUSTIFY IT ./... Seriously this is just blind following that has taken any consideration for Humanity and Self Esteem away from People.

      And, Try and DEFY the Logical arguments with logic...otherwise There are COUNTLESS videos foloating around where Ajmal PAHARI has accepted everything and many more videos.

      Now, For the RELEASE of the EX MNA on the BASIS of JIT. If you support JIT (that has provided report to the courts) then you better not Run away, Because it is the same JIT that has released the Videos of Ajmal Pahari, Solat Mirza and others. Now if you support this one then You have to accept THOSE Aswell. You cant PICK and chose, or can you???

      Now Coming back to the Subject. We DONT CARE if he was guilty or not, if he is guilty or not, or will he EVER be guilty or not. THERE IS NO JUSTIFICATION TO WHAT HAPPENED ON 11th SEPTEMBER IN KARACHI. My Friend wake up and smell the coffee, there is a different world out there that can SEE and THINK.

      And it is FOR ALL NAMALOOMS ... if you are so sincere then FOR ONCE ... say "YA ALLAH Please Destroy ALL NA-MALOOM AFRAAD "

      Again, Be rational and KEPP IT TO TH~E CONTEXT ....

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    3. the JIT reports have been proved wrong for example MQM leader Haider abbad rizvi was mentioned in the JIT reports and held responsible for abbas town shite attacks, but the later arrests made, proved that LeJ and TTP were responsible for the attacks

      and not one target killer of PPP or aman committee was mentioned in the JIT reports

      JIT is all politicized and holds very less grounds

      im not denying those JIT videos about saulat mirza and ajmal pahari, where have i said that MQM is not responsible for the current situation

      BTW if the videos were enough evidences why werent ajmal pahari were discharged by the court and let free? the question remains if they were made to confess a statement of crime under duress

      if MQM has criminals they should be publicly prosecuted and media should be told that MQM has criminasl but we have seen very little reports of MQM crimes and over whilming evidences of non MQM involvement in Karachi's unrest

      the way you are whining about MQM and sidelining MQM without knowing the ground realities and complete truths, im only pointing that out

      what ever happened in that strike, it was a reaction and not the action, MQM didnt burn vehicles too, it was PPP as clearly mentioned in that report

      the political reaction comes which there is injustice, try to point that injustice too as well

    4. "the way you are whining about MQM and sidelining MQM without knowing the ground realities and complete truths, im only pointing that out"

      This is the very attitude that has Reduced MQM support SIGNIFICANTLY among the masses. Any ways you are just going all over the place lets bring it all back to the CONTEXT. And by the way I DID NOT BRING VIDEOS to the discussion You did. Thats why i said, I can show you as many videos as you like. Now about JIT, JIT has NOT ben proven right or wrong for your KIND information and I am not saying it EITHER. It is you who brought the subject of N. Hashmi being released so i just made it clear that this is because of the SAME JIT report that reported the FAMOUS JIT earlier so either both are right or both are wrong :).

      And when you talk about Statement under DURESS then it can easily be said and VISIBLE BLATANTLY as well the UNDUE and THREATENING pressure created by MQM by shutting down karachi (AS THEY ALWAYS DO) killing people they have BLACK MAILED the LEAs. and again this is based on YOUR SELECTIVE statements because what ever is against you, and youu have no argument to support it you brand it as a lie and what ever goes in your favour you quote it. Typical attitude.

      Now Lets take the discussion back to the context. There are only 1 question that needs to be answered:

      1) How do you Justify what happened on the 11th of September in Karachi.

      And please go on and brand EVERY SINGLE thing as a lie as much as you want. This only makes your arguments a laughing stalk to those who Endure this HELL day in day out. Either You dont live in karachi or you are blind folded and brain washed. I am sorry if its offensive but this seems true since you are NAIVELY saying NOTHING HAPPENED on 11th September. I am sure you are either tooooooo consumed by your love for MQM or you dont live in Karachi. there is no point in arguing with someone who has a blinded eye on SELECTIVE ISSUES.

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  5. regarding your rants against mustafa kamal, in 60 years of Karachi's history how many people have tried to make a proper drain system in Karachi, Karachi's drain system is ancient, Mustafa Kamal period starts from 2006 and ends in 2010, for two years before elections under mustafa kamal, Karachi saw increasing political violence as by whole country, in 2007 we saw PPP guys burning the city down because of BB murder which by the way happened in rawalpindi and not Karachi, but who suffered the most? it was Karachi

    from 2008 till 2010 mustafa kamal was stripped off from very important positions of building control authority and KW&SB, you can read the reports online

    but still, we saw the only development happing in Karachi only in Mustafa Kamal's time

    the infrastructure didnt get damaged in 3 years, the infrastructure like drains needs maintainance which stopped happening when PPP took over

    if you have blocked drains, then the situation of flooding will happen obviously which has got nothing to do with infrastructure

    as for the other infrastructure like roads etc, how many roads have got damaged since mustafa bhai's time? i live in gulistan e jauhar area which even though is a cantt area, still CDGK made excellent roads and drainage system which is excellent condition even after 3-4 years

    i used to remember when roads got made in jauhar area were broken every after 7 days and there used to be over flowing gutters, damaged water pipes which made living hell in gulistan e jauhar, imagine the disease caused by open gutters and garbage used to accumulate there

    mustafa bhai made excellent infra there

    there was a severe case of traffic jam in jauhar mour too which has been solved thanks to mustafa bhai

    there still need a lot to be done in Karachi, but one must also appreciate the work which happened during mustafa kamal's time

    1. Where did MUSTAFA KAMAL come n this discussion ??? :) .. Brother.. Just take a step back and take a LONG breath ... may then you will be able to come out rationally and keep it to the context :) ... and yeah the one you are refering to ... Go back and READ IT AGAIN . The Rain Blog... i think you have missed the point COMPLETELY :)

    2. Also If you read it again, you will see that there is a phrase of appreciation for Mustafa Kamal as well and the Blog was directed towards rain being used as a means of politics. it was directed towards all. read the excerpt below from the blog. MAY BE THEN you realise what it was ALL ABOUT :).

      "No denying of sincere efforts and hard work of Mustafa Kamal in his tenure but the way things are being projected at the moment for political point scoring just compels one to raise eye brow and is just misleading. "