Saturday, 28 September 2013

Operation or Dialogue - From Naivety to Insanity

A rejoinder to Saroop Ijaz's Piece "From Apologist to Ally" published in Express Tribune on the 23rd of September 2013



The Judgemental Bit / Cheap shot

Pakistan, Perhaps the only society where whether you are a liberal or conservative is not decided based on the values you stand for but on the basis of 'how determined you are for a bloodshed of those who don’t agree with you'. There may be others but I am yet to come across any, particularly in the first world.

The recipe is simple. Just praise non sense political banter of NFPs and Saroop Ijazs of the society, hate the Ansar Abbasis but love the Nusrat Javeds, hate Zia but love Musharraf. Hate your army, call them names, make sure you use the term NA-Pak Army instead of Pak Army when referring to them, but at the same time back the army to kill those who you don’t agree with. Occasionally you can shift your stance on mode of government, keep on flipping between Dictatorship and democracy at your convenience. Be choosy in protesting against bloodshed ensuring you spend more time on your laptop spitting carved political banter against those you don’t like instead of ACTUALLY protesting or coming out with a logical argument that is acceptable 'beyond your circle' as well.

It is "Haram" for you to think any one from tribal region is a Human being, any one with a turban, without a proper roof on his head and slippers in his feet has no right to be alive, HE IS A TALIBAN and their blood has no significance. Act as naive as possible about tribal and northern region of the country. Ensure you comment on these issues with as much conviction as possible, even if your apparent comprehension of dynamics end at Shaikhupura or Hyderabad from the comfort of your couches in Lahore or Karachi, Well Pindi or Jehlum would do if you are stationed in the capital. You can love or Hate Hamid Mir at your convenience, it just depends on what he has served in the platter in this evening's show. 'Manto was not a Porn Fantasist'. India never was and never will be our enemy and besides you have to move on, on issues like proven acts of terrorism, atrocities and insurgency support by India against Pakistan for the sake of "AMAN" , but that does not apply to the ‘Turbanised’ bearded lot. BLA is good and Talibans are Bad. Zaid Hamid is Insane but Marvi Sirmid is Sane (I can’t see any difference, just flip sides of the same coin). 

When talking about WOT with someone that fits stereotypical image in your mind, make sure you ask stupid questions like "Do you condemn Terrorism", "Do you condemn Taliban" that have bleeding obvious answers. Imran khan is responsible for all the ills and mess in the country. Make sure every tragic incident in the country is followed by a charge sheet against khan, whether it makes sense or not. Make sure you act as stupid as possible to any plan presented by khan for peace and eradication of terrorism, refuse to understand even if a 360 degree and holistic approach is presented, however you are free to pick and chose lines to give them a spin of your choice. Last but not the least who ever criticise you, don’t agree with you or has given a statement contrary to your gospel is a TALIBAN apologist or you can even call him a Taliban Ally (God I know which category I fit in [A Tongue in cheek smiley follows]). 

This and a few more things, Congratulations you are a Baptised Pakistani Liberal, doesn’t matter if these traits actually mean you are a right wing conservative or fall under the conventional definition of a fascist.

Just realised, wanted to talk about the Dialogue or Military operation debate going on for as long as the military operation is under way without changing things for any better for 9 years.
See it’s so easy to lose the plot and get carried away with your thoughts when you are criticising someone you have to pick a bone with, easiest job in the world eh? Well I just did it.

And Finally Some Substance:

There seems no intention or will to actually do something about the mess that our people are in and bring an end to this terrorism. The war that started from Waziristan, Spread in surrounding areas and spilled out of FATA to the cities across Pakistan Taken 40000+ lives, cost in excess of 70 Billion Dollars and counting. All these people seem to be concerned about is what steps are taken to eradicate the ‘Turbanised’ ‘Bearded’ ‘Bare footed’ lot from the face of earth. Pity on those who have devided the blood of a Pakistani into Muslim, Non-Muslim, Sindhi, Baloch, Pathan and Mahajir blood with A further Lethal and shameful division of secular and non secular blood.

What an Unfortunate nation whose leaders cannot even decide whether they should have a dialogue or continue with a military offensive that is on already for the last 9 years. Thousands of families from Waziristan, Bara, Teerah, Mohmand and Bajour are still living in camps despite Military having an operation for almost a decade. 

Sawat operation; have we been able to restore peace in Sawat? Well if we did then why can’t the Army leave Sawat? Why is it that the same army, that without wasting time conducted operation in Sawat, is now reluctant to expand it, well perhaps there is a reason, may be they have realised that we cant win it like this. 

The War Mongers, The Operation Hysterics, are they ready to house the IDPs? Sorry to say the same extremist war mongers and some political parties could not 'bear' the sight of IDPs from SAWAT in their areas why are they hell bent to further expose their bigoted behaviour? Are they aware of the consequences of an all out offensive across Pakistan? Are they ready to face an escalated counter backlash from the terrorists? or do they think that the operation will be confined to just the mountains? 

Million dollar question is, Where to do the operation, Against whom? For how long? what are the parameters of success? And to find answers to these questions you will HAVE TO sit around the dialogues table (it’s a war, isn’t it?) and talks / dialogues doesn’t mean you are akin to be an ally, it is part of warfare. Ever heard of KNOWING your enemy? We don’t even know who we are fighting against, where they are. Do we know how many factions are there? do we know how many of them are ready to lay arms? This and all the confusion around the situation will never be resolved without getting on the table, and talks cannot be done through press releases and news reporters. 

There has to be a defined place and nominated people if we are SERIOUS about this war. Otherwise we have fought it for 9 years, lost 40000+ plus lives; we can carry on like this for another decade and lose another thousands. All we want is an end to this mess and improve the lives of our people at any cost and for this you will have to get them on Table, end the Narrative of Jihad, Segregate those hell bent on violence from those who are willing to lay arms and if need be, follow it by a military operation against a KNOWN enemy. I cannot advocate a shot in the dark just because I disagree with the religious extremists. If any of above is still beyond your comprehension, then yeah I am an Ally.

The Writer is an Information Analyst by profession and does not fit under any definition of Liberal or Conservative given by the perceived representatives of the factions in Pakistan

Friday, 13 September 2013

A Letter to Na-Maloom Afrad from Maloom Fard - A Karachites Life...

(Heart Wrenching Plight of a Common Man in Karachi)

Dear Mr. Head / Leader of NA-MALOOM Afrad,

My Name is 'Maloom Afrad'. I live in Karachi (yes the City that you have transformed into HELL for its residents). I have a real story for you. I am sure that will make you happy.

Let me tell you first. I have 1 baby girl and her age is 9 years. She is student of class 3. I love her like you may love your Daughter.

That was 11th Sep 2013. 7:30 am. I started my Motor bike. My Baby was sitting on the front. I dropped her to school and drove toward my office. when I reached office, Suddenly I received a call from School principle that there is strike call due to Mr. Nadeem’s arrest please take your baby to home and please come fast we are forced to close School. Your child will be outside the school as we cannot stay at school.


I was not able to think anything at that time. I rushed to my area from Shahrah E Faisal. Normally it takes 40 minutes for me to reach home from office.

You can think what my situation may have been in this condition. I wish this can happen to "NA-MALOOM" Afrad too.

I was flaying on the roads to reach my baby’s school. There were traffic jams. People were setting fire to vehicles, rush all around.

In this tension I reached her school. I was almost crying to find my kid. I rushed to school gate but there was a buss set on fire by Na maloom afrad. And my baby was not there. I was shouting and asking people where the kids are. I was crying and begging. But my baby was not there. Suddenly I rushed to back of the burning buss. Ohhhhhh God. My Kid was sitting in a corner away from that bus and saving herself from the heat of the flames. Her face was red because of the heat of the flames.

I picked her in my arms. Kissed her, perhaps like you kiss your baby. I hugged her like may be Mr. Nawaz Shareef hug their kids, I cleared her face like may be Mr. Zardari ever did to their kids.

So we rushed to home. We remained safe just because of my God.

I want to grab attention of all the politicians, Government officials, Pakistan Army and Agencies.

Where do we stand, are we supposed to live like that? Is THIS what we deserve? What is our sin in the arrest of Mr. Nadeem? What have I done wrong to bear THIS in the name of Ethnic and emotional exploitation of ordinary residents of Karachi? Why Am I USED by the NaMaloom Afrad to advance their AGENDA? Is this my Fate? Am I there to face all this all year round , every single week day in day out of my life? Let me be Clear, I am NOT INTRESTED in who was arrested and why and whether he is , was or ever be innocent or not. All i am intrested in is by ANY means just get rid of these NAMALOOM afrad.

And You Mr HEAD of Namaloom Afrad, All i know is, that YOU have made my life a LIVING HELL. and last but not the Least I DONT DESERVE THIS.

I know you don’t have any answer to my questions. But please remember that, We will be equal on the day of judgment. I and thousands of victims like me will ask you about the justice, about what you have done to us. And on that day our hands will be on the collars of Na Maloom afrad. Because All the Na Malooms are Maloom to Allah.

Think about it. please.