Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Call me a REBEL...!!! A Thinker's Diary...

  By: Taqveem Ahsan Siddiqui

You ask me to bow down
Never in a million years
Just in case you didn’t know
I am here...To TAKE a bow

You ask me to surrender
To the might of your power n plunder
O yeah Surrender I will
To NONE but the Almighty

You tell me to forget about it
My principles have set me free
Show me your power show me your might
Try something else it doesn’t impress me

Lest you forgot
Might and wealth was the weapon
That the pharaohs possessed
They are History but the Truth Progressed

Conformists and so called realists are to your glee
Challenging and thinking minds you hate to see
What you try to sell us is not what we want to be
Bring it on and we'll stand fast is my challenge to thee

The sun has not yet risen from the west
Just bear in mind these souls are not like the rest
Giving up or to let go is not what we knew yesterday or Now
You'll find us up against you always, for we are there to take a bow

Taqveem Ahsan Siddiqui

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