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Curious Case of Shireen Mazari

Curious Case Of Shireen Mazari

By: Taqveem Ahsan Siddiqui

Maturity is not at all linked with your age. Time and again people have proven this with their actions. It is common to have a relative in our social gatherings who demands the highest degree of attention and even a single instance of unintentionally ignoring them is enough for them to create fuss. Neighbourly disputes are common, rooting from a mere children quarreling with each other. Wise people do not take these incidents personally and in most cases our elders and parents would do a "light treatment" of both children and move on. 

Then in a bigger picture, there are examples of political immaturity. The classic and most recent one is of the Mazari family, well Ms Shireen and her daughter Iman to be specific. Ms Shireen Mazari’s contribution and hard work over the years is no doubt an asset and equally one cannot question her credibility. So one can only attribute her current resignation (which was on the cards for about a couple of weeks) to immaturity and to an extent a contradiction of her own statement of Principles and commitment to the cause.  Mixing family affairs with politics often ends up in a mess.

Holding a grudge just because her daughter threw her toys out of the pram due to some  fake trolls is not only surprising but at the same time seems unfortunate.

The knee jerk reaction of some of the respected names of our country, on her resignation was not only funny but at the same time spurious. Questioning policies on the basis of a resignation, which is broadly linked to personal circumstances, and that too within minutes after Ms Mazari's tweet is the least that you could expect from a person who is perceived as a professional. I am not going to go in details but I would at least ask those individuals to please come up with your specific questions and criticism on policies with evidence please. As they are perceived wise, please provide an alternative and explain what more can be done to improve them. after all, these documents are laid out to the public for the first time in our political history and PTI is open to debate and will welcome any constructive advice. PTI is the only party to come out with policies on Economy, Energy, Health and education.

It was unfortunate that Ms Mazari reacted on some condemnable tweets to her daughter and the fact that Khan could not make it to Rajan pur on his tour of flood affected areas.

It all started with Ms Mazari's beloved child Iman, who is of course young and passionate but at the same time loves to throw her toys off the pram if ignored. I believe she was expecting a royal treatment in the party just based on the fact that she was the daughter of Ms Mazari. Looking at her "Journey", just less than a year ago she was critical of IK and the party. Her tweets were a clear reflection of her thoughts, and time and again she mentioned that although her mother supported PTI, she remains critical and not supportive of the party. Then all of a sudden one fine day, Miss Iman, tweeted to the world to tell that she now understands PTI ideology and is convinced that this is the only party with clear goals that can bring change. If one would like to see her "journey" then they can easily read her tweets on 24, 26 August, 7th September, 8th September and 9th September and countless others in support and love of PTI, Imran khan and indeed their vision and policies. Her last comment was "I wasted so much time before deciding to join PTI, just to ensure that whatever I am doing is according to my "Great Goal" or in actual words "Azeem Maqsad kay mutabiq". Then within a space of a week all those talks of "Azeem Maqsad" and "Commitment" disappeared and she decided to leave the party and her "well thought" and "ensured" decision took a U turn. All based on some tweets from some fake trolls. I can only call it immature and childish. 

The more I read Shireen Mazari’s tweets on her resignation, the more it gets clear that she left the party for 2 main reasons.

1) Iman Mazari
2) Imran khan unable to get to Rajan pur on the 17th of September.

I would not have commented on this but since she has come out in the media then it is open to critical analysis.

From Point 1-6 they all seem space fillers. The only points she seem to come out with her heart felt words are the ones where she mentioned her daughter and Rajan pur, for the other points, I simply cannot understand the sweeping generalisation. She needs to elaborate a bit more and be specific. About the rumours she touched upon, I would expect a bit better from 1st or 2nd tier leadership. They should actually be looking into these rumours and dig out the facts. 

The point about intra party elections she made, sorry to say, is again a space filler. PTI is implementing something that has never happened in Pakistan. The scale of intra party elections is Huge. Imagine the party has the highest in Pakistan and 2nd highest number of registered members for any political party anywhere in the world. Some over 10 million registered members. This is huge, and the system being implemented is one of the most robust systems and at the same time cost effective. 

Point 4 is also a sweeping generalisation that one cannot expect from a 1st or 2nd tier leader. This is a political party, not a members’ club. Is it not what we have fought for the last 16 years? To be recognised as a political force, taken seriously and bring about the change that we all dreamed of. Intra party elections are the best possible way of vetting out people in a party that has now more than 10 ticket hopefuls in each constituency. How can you say that an old supporter is more able and honest than a new entrant? We are all fighting for a greater cause and personal grudges should not come in our way. PTI is a democratic party and whoever is best for a job gets that. Take for example Umer Cheema, I admire his courage, commitment and selflessness. When he was replaced by Shafqat Saab, we all felt strongly. But time proved that Shafqat Mehmood was better suited for the job. Ideological supporters don’t take these things personally; after all, this is what Umar saab was working so hard for. On Feudals’ issue, with more than 3000 acres of land and "Jageers" aren’t you a feudal with hoards of money as well? Having money and land is not a crime; all that matters is how one has achieved this. 

Talking about policy formulation, she seems more disconnected than a simple member. She forgot the names of Feroz Khan, Dr Farid Malik, Asad umar and a number of others whose input actually formulated the policies. it’s a collective effort and hence you cannot force one individual’s views in a political party and on top of everything, its not necessary for one person to be correct all the time and jack of all. I, for a fact, know that PTI was open to suggestions on policy and I can see a number of initiatives in the policies that were suggested by colleagues in various meetings and seminars.

For Shireen Mazari, I really hope that sense will prevail as I have no doubt about her credibility. She was given a show cause from the party due to her irresponsible statements in Rajan pur. I believe she was well aware of the extremely bad weather during IKs DG Khan and Rajan Pur Visit. We were all in loop through Twitter and of course madam Mazari was kept in loop as well by the leadership. How can she forget that Imran Khan was tirelessly on tour throughout Pakistan. The flight to Gilgit was cancelled so he had to take the 9 hour Road trip which is dangerous as well, if you have been to Gilgit you would agree to this fact. Then he went all the way to Islamabad, then on the same day to Karachi victims, then to the interior and to the flood affected areas in Baluchistan as well.  Was Rajan Pur the only disaster stricken area? Was he sitting in his drawing room? Did he not make every effort after you refused to accept his proposal for the next morning due to the circumstances? Was it not the duty of the local leadership to handle the situation? Imran khan has devolved leadership to the Tehseel level so that local leaders take up the ownership of the areas and this is how political parties should work. This is how Imran is developing systems in a party that has exploded from thousands to millions in the space of months. Imran cannot be everywhere all the time and certainly this party is not a one man show like other parties.

So the party had every right to ask for explanation to her statement. And being woman of principles, she should have responded and set an example for all others that no one is above party discipline. Remember when you instigated a show cause for a party member in interior Sindh on breach of party discipline? How is that individual inferior than you? One’s commitment to the cause is tested in these times and that is where one has to prove their words. the party did not immediately suspend her or terminate her membership. Instead as per party rules and the norms of any democratic organization, she was asked to explain herself. She chose not to reply and instead widened her scope of attack on the party while resigning. Looking at available facts, one can say that this may not have hurt Madam Mazari if Imaan's childish behaviour had not affected her decision making. 

All I know is that Quaid e Azam once said think 100 times before making a decision and once done, then stick to it. So Madam Shireen, you thought well and hard before joining the party so stick to it if you believe in your analytical skills. This one to leave the party was not a thought over decision and I am sure she will realise the mistake soon.  Political parties are voluntary organizations and everyone has a right to join them or leave. She has decided to leave. This is her prerogative and should be respected. But at the same time I have tried hard to substantiate her allegations, only to find them baseless and stemming from personal grudges. These could have been resolved easily.

It is unfair to hold the party to ransom just because your children "thought" that they were mistreated. This is not PML or PPP where children of the leaders get royal treatment. For me this is another reassurance of the principals that the party stands for. Sad to see you go Shireen, you were an asset, but sorry you have to re assess your position. As someone said earlier, PTI is about passion not position and Leadership is action, not position.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Aam Admi عام آدمی

Aam Admi

By: Taqveem Ahsan Siddiqui

عام آدمی

تقویم احسن صدیقی

ہمارے ہاں سوچ بچار سے آزادی پانے کے لئے آسان اصطلاح "عام آدمی " کا استعمال عام ہو چکا ہے. افراد کے ایسے گروہ کو جو کبھی کبھار سوچنے کی جسارت بھی کر لیتے ہیں "عوام " کا نام دے کر بے خبری کی نیند سلا دیا گیا اور یوں انہیں سوچنے اور خود احتسابی کے حق سے بھی محروم کر دیا گیا. 

عام آدمی کسے کہتے ہیں؟ جمہور کا اتفاق ہے کے عام آدمی وہ انسان ہے جس کی زندگی روز صبح ٩ بجے شروع ہوتی ہے اور روزانہ کی بنیاد پر روٹین کا کام کر کے دن تمام ہو جاتا ہے. گھر کا خرچ، بچوں کی تعلیم، ہفتے میں ایک یا دو چھٹی وغیرہ وغیرہ. ان کو مجموعی طور پر ہمارے ہاں "عوام" کا نام دے دیا گیا ہے. یعنی عام افراد کا ایسا گروہ جس کی زندگی میں "بظاھر" کھانا، سونا، تلاش معاش اور اہل خانہ کی دیکھ بھال کے سوا کچھ نہیں. خواص کا کہنا ہے کے ایسا آدمی اپنے ارد گرد کی ںا انصافیوں پر کم دھیان دیتا ہے لہٰذا یہ بھی طے ہے کے چاہے اس کی جان، مال، آل اولاد برباد کر دی جائے، اس سے سانس لینے کا حق بھی چھین لیا جائے، اس کی سوچ میں کوئی فرق نہیں آے گا. وہ ان خواص کو ہی اپنا خدا بنا کر رکھے گا. ظاہر ہے، عام آدمی ہے، اسے تو صرف روٹی اور چھت کی فکر ہے، اس کا سیاست یا بادشاہ گری سے کیا لینا دینا؟

عام آدمی کی یہ تعریف اتنے تسلسل سے کی گی کے عملن ایک خاص آدمی خود کو "عام" سمجھ کے سوچنے سمجھنے کی 'ذمداری' سے مبرا سمجھنے لگا. مرے خیال میں عام آدمی کی اس تعریف میں سے سوچنے سمجھنے کا لفظ جان بوجھ کر حذف کر دیا گیا تاکے "عوام" کو یہ یقین دلا دیا جائے کے سوچنے سمجھنے کا حق صرف انھیں ہے جن کے ہاتھ اقتدارہے، یا آ سکتا ہے. "عوام" کا کام صرف اپنی روز کی ضروریات کی فکر کرنا اور وقت آنے پر یہ خواص جہاں ووٹ ڈالنے کو کہیں چپ چاپ وہاں ڈال دینا. بلکے اب تو یہ فریضہ بھی خواص خود ہی انجام دے دیتے ہیں. تو جناب عوام کو خواص کے چناؤ کے بچے کچے فرض سے بھی آزادی کا پروانہ مل گیا.

پارلمانی نظام حکومت میں، جس کے ٹھیکیدار، روزانہ کی بنیاد پے عوام کے ووٹ سے منتخب ہونے کا دعویٰ کرتے ہیں، ووٹر / ٹکس پیر / پیپل کے لئے "عوام" کی اصطلاح میں نے کہیں استعمال ہوتے نہیں دیکھی. جس کامیاب جمہوریت پر بھی نظر دوڑایں وہاں "کامن مین" (عوام کا لفظی انگریزی میں ترجمہ) کے بجاے  کانستتونٹ، ٹکس پیر یا پیپل کے الفاظ سے ہی پالا پڑے گا.  

اس نقطے پر غور کے بعد مجھ پر واضح ہو گیا کے ٦٥ سالوں سے ہمارے خواص کو عوام کہ کر ایک سوچی سمجھی "سکیم" کے تحت سوچنے، سمجھنے، فیصلہ کرنے اور اپنی طاقت کو پہچاننے کے حق سے محروم کر دیا گیا ہے.

 آپ آزما کر دیکھ لیجیے، کسی بھی  جماعت کے اندھے جیالے سے منطقی بحس کر کے تو دیکھیے. آپ لاکھ منطق اور حقائق کے سہارے بحس کو آگے لی کر چلیں، پہلے تو اپ کی منطق کے جواب میں بے سر و پا تاویلیں پیش کی جائینگی پھر جب عقل کے تمام دروازے کھٹکتانے کے بعد کوئی چارہ ںا ہو گا تو آخری جواب یہی ہو گا "ارے یار عام آدمی کو ان چیزوں سے کیا لینا، اسے تو بس روٹی چاہیے، اسے تو بس روٹی مل جائے". لیجیے صاب آپ کی تمام منطق اور حقائق اس ایک جملے کے سامنے بین بجاتے رہ گئے. اب آپ لاکھ جتن کریں، مگر سامنے والا فریق کسی صورت خود کو عام آدمی کی کٹگری سے نکلنے پر تیار ںا ہو گا. 

یہ ہمارا المیہ نہیں تو کیا ہے، کے جس انسان کو قران چلا چلّا کر عام آدمی سے سوچنے سمجھنے والا اور غور کرنے والا خاص آدمی بنانا چاہتا ہے وہ صرف اور صرف اپنی جذباتی وابستگی اور انا کی خاطر عام آدمی کے لبادے میں تذلیل تو قبول کر لے گا مگر سوچنے اور غور کرنے پر آمادہ نہیں ہو گا. 

یہ عام آدمی روز اپنے "عام" ہونے کے جرم کی سزا پاتا ہے. اسے روز لوٹا جاتا ہے، اس کی تذلیل کی جاتی ہے، اسے مھنگایی کے عذاب تلے کچلا جاتا ہے، اسے رشوت ستانی کے ذریعہ ستایا جاتا ہے، اس کو پانی بجلی سے لے کر گیس اور موبایل فون کی "لوڈ شیڈنگ" کے کے ذریے "ڈرائنگ روم " کی سیر کرایی جاتی ہے. اور اب تو بھتے اور تاوان نام کے نے اوزار اس کی کھال اتار رہے ہیں. مگر آفرین ہے اس عام آدمی پر، کے یہ مرد آہن ان تزلیلی حربوں سے نبرد آزما ہوتا ہے اور سینہ ٹھوک کے پھر اپنے ہی قاتلوں لٹیرو کے  ساتھ  کھڑا ہو جاتا ہے. آخر عام آدمی ہے، اسے تو صرف روٹی اور چھت کی فکر ہے، اس کا سیاست یا بادشاہ گری سے کیا لینا دینا؟ 

اس عام آدمی کے مالک بھی کبھی کبھار آٹھ دس پل بنوا کر، چند فوارے لگوا کے، چوک سجا کے یا پانی کی لائنیں ڈلوا کے اسے خوش کر دیتے ہیں. کوئی اسے اپنے شہر کو پیرس بنانے کے خواب دکھاتا ہے تو کوئی اسے تحفظ کی ضمانت دیتا ہے. ویسے بھی مالکوں کی اجازت نہیں ہے کے عام آدمی سوچنے سمجھنے میں اپنا وقت ضایع کرے. وہ تو عام آدمی ہے، اس کا سیاست اور بادشاہ گری سے کیا لینا دینا؟ 

جمہور کے لئے لفظ "عوام" کا استعمال جہاں ایک خاص آدمی کو عام بناتا ہے وہیں اس کو لاشعوری طور پر یہ احساس دلاتا ہے کے کسی بھی قسم کی سوچ میں تبدیلی اسے اس رہی سہی رینگتی ہوی زندگی سے بھی دور لے جائے گی. "عوام" کو یہ جتا دیا گیا ہے کے بھییا ہر وہ دن جب تم اپنی عزت نفس یا جان میں سے ایک بھی چیز سہی سلامت بچا کر گھر واپس لی آؤ، تمھارے لئے غنیمت بلکے "بونس" ہے. اور کیوں کے یہ عام آدمی ہے ، اس لئے اس نے اس بات کو من و عن تسلیم کر لیا ہے. ویسے بھی وہ تو عام آدمی ہے، اس کا سیاست اور بادشاہ گری سے کیا لینا دینا؟ 

اکثر یہ بھی سننے میں آیا ہے کے عام آدمی کو اس بات سے کوئی سروکار نہیں ہے کے کس کے پیسے کہاں پڑے ہیں، کس نے کس سے کیا "ڈیل" کی، کون ان کی لاشیں گراتا ہے، کون انھیں لوٹتا رہا یا کون کس کبوتر کے ذریہ کونسا خط کہاں پہونچاتا ہے. بات تو ٹھیک ہے، یقینن، یہ عام آدمی کا مسلہ نہیں ہے، عوام جو ٹھہرے. انھیں تو بس روٹی چاہیے قطع نذر اس کے کے ان کی ایک روٹی میں سے کس نی کتنا حصّہ لگایا اور ان کے ہاتھ کیا آیا. ویسے بھی روٹی تو روٹی ہے، عزت کی ملے تو شکر، باسی ٹکڑوں کی صورت میں ملے تو صد شکر. عام آدمی کو اس بات سے واقعی  کوئی لینا دینا نہیں کے اس کو ملنا کیا چاہے تھا اور مل کیا رہا ہے. یہ فیصلہ کرنا تو ویسے بھی مالکوں کا کام ہے. عام آدمی کا کام تو صرف اتنا ہے کے صبح سے شام کرے اور زندگی یوں ہی تمام کرے. ویسے بھی وہ تو عام آدمی ہے، اس کا سیاست اور بادشاہ گری سے کیا لینا دینا؟

عوام میں کچھ افراد ایسے بھی ہیں جو بڑی تن دہی سے عام آدمی کو عام آدمی ہونے کا احساس دلاتے رہتے ہیں. ان کو روٹی تو ملتی ہے، کیسے مل رہی ہے؟ اس کا سوچنے کا وقت کس کے پاس ہے؟ ویسے بھی تحفظ کا احساس، عزت نفس، قانون کی عمل داری ، رشوت کی روک تھام ، تعلیم، صحت اور انصاف جیسی "خاص" نعمتوں کا وطن عزیز میں کیا کام؟ کہتے یہ بھی یہی ہیں کے سیاست سے ہمارا کیا واسطہ؟ تو یہ اپنے آپ میں خواص بھی عام آدمی کی عوامی تعریف میں ہی اتے ہیں.

نذر یہی اتا ہے کے جمہور کو عوام ہونے کا احساس دلا کر، اس عام آدمی کو اس کے مالکان نی نسلی، لسانی، صوبائی ، ذاتی، مذہبی تفریق کی تنخواہ پر ملازم رخ لیا ہے. جب تک یہ عام آدمی، عوام سے جمہور کا سفر طے نہیں کر لیتا تب تک اس کی عزت نفس اور اس کے بنیادی حقوق کا استحصال اسی طرح ہوتا رہے گا. یہ اسی طرح روز کٹے گا، روز ترسے گا. سوچا جائے تو صرف سوچ کی بنیادی تبدیلی سے عوام اپنے جمہور ہونے کا ثبوت با آسانی دے سکتے ہیں. بس سوچ کو خوف کے پہروں سے آزاد کرنے اور خود پر یقین کی دیر ہے. جمہور وہ ہیں جو اپنی قسمت کا فیصلہ خود کرتے ہیں، اپنے زمداروں کو مالکوں کا درجہ نہیں دیتے، اپنے ووٹ کا فیصلہ ہر قسم کی جذباتی وابستگی سے بلند ہو کر حقائق اور گزشتہ تجربوں کی بنیاد پر کرتے ہیں. 

ویسے بھی یہ عزت نفس کی بات ہے، خود کو عام آدمی قرار دے کر اگر کوئی اپنی زمداریوں اور حقوق سے بری ہونا چاہتا ہے، تو اپنے انجام کا حساب بھی خود لگا لی، زیادہ وقت صرف نہیں ہوگا. روزانہ خبر بننے والو کی فہرست میں خدا ںا خواستہ کل کو آپ یا میں بھی ہو سکتے ہیں. یا پھر آپ بھی "عام" آدمی کہلانے پر مطمعین ہیں جسے صرف روٹی اور چھت کی فکر ہے، سیاست یا بادشاہ گری سے کوئی لینا دینا نہیں.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Guilt of the Extremists

By: Taqveem Ahsan Siddiqui

“I have studied him (Muhammad PBUH) - the wonderful man and in my opinion for from being an anti-Christ, he must be called the Saviour of Humanity. I believe that if a man like him were to assume the dictatorship of the modern world, he would succeed in solving its problems in a way that would bring it much needed peace and happiness." George Barnard Shaw.

George Barnard Shaw,  was not a Muslim, and there are countless other non Muslim scholars, writers and intellectuals who have paid their tributes to Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaehi Wasallam) in their own respective way. Whether they agree with the religion or not, without a shadow of doubt, whoever has read or studied   The Prophet (S.A.W) without the racist biased cap on, ended up in only praising him.

So what actually is wrong with these Fascists, who every now and then come up with filth whether through their writings or work of art? Are they Ignorant? Are they Naive? or are they just practicing their so called right to free speech or more appropriately expressing their dislike, hate, envy and racist views in the disguise of free speech.

Rightly so, across the world, there are laws to strike balance between free speech and hate material that offends a segment of society let alone an offence on a massive scale. Whether you agree with someone or not, before practicing the right to freedom of expression, there is always a line that, rightly so, is drawn to remind people of someone else's nose. 

From Pornography to hate speech that potentially incites unrest and disturbance, any such material is rightfully banned and removed from the internet as soon as it gets pointed out. I have seen material being removed almost instantly after being published and pointed out by a significant number of people to be either offending or copyrighted. Then, why not remove the dreadful filthy movie that upset almost all Muslims around the world? Google’s response in this regard, so far, is indeed a disgrace.

It amazes me when I see People like Rushdee , Tasleema Nasreen and countless other cheap shots are rewarded for their highly extremist, illogical and baseless views; all in the name of free speech. The concerned governments can say what ever they want to say about their dissociation from the views of these individuals but their act of praising and rewarding them sends a very strong and WRONG message whether intended or unintended. This also undermines efforts of those Muslims who are trying to create a rational society in their respective countries.

The recent cheap shot (well not exactly cheap the joker has apparently wasted his sweat and blood collecting 5 million dollars for the movie from other idiots around the world) by Nakoula Basseley Nakoula (Psuedonym Sam Bacile) has sparked protests across the Muslim world and in some cases, violent protests, which is unfortunate and should not be condoned. But is it really practically possible to tell an upset Libyan, Iraqi, Syrian, Nigerian, Somalian, Afghan how to react? When all they have known and seen is sponsored violence in their countries. They were given weapons, money and were appreciated to wage violent uprisings against their governments. All they know is violence so they respond with violence to what ever they don’t like. Of course this is not condoning their act, but you can only get hot damaging coal from a burning fire. Why fiddle with it then? Aren’t Nakoula Basseley Nakoula (the bank fraudster, Psuedonym "Sam Bacile") and his jokers, to a massive extent, responsible for this? They very well knew what they were doing and of course had an understanding of Muslim sentiments; otherwise they would not have gone to such lengths of getting the filthy piece dubbed in Arabic.

The world and indeed the internet, is not short of sane and robust Material and lectures on Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W), his life and his companions. There are countless scholars, teachers and common men and women who are open to debate and discuss any misunderstandings or answering any misconceptions. So this is not a case of ignorance, in fact these stereotypical fanatics get defeated time and again in debates and discussions by learned Muslims. The least I can say is probably it’s their frustration of not being able to rationally win an argument, they are consistently shown the frailty of their maligned thoughts and arguments that make them produce such a frustrated lousy piece of filth that they have just produced. Insisting on what ever has been debated countless times; insulting a billion followers spread across the world can only be classified as Criminal, motivated by hate and indeed idiotic.

In my opinion, you are free to disagree, you are free to debate, you are free to comment, as long as you don’t cross the established lines and remain rational in your argument.
Were these people, who committed that grotesque act of extremism, naive of the reaction? No they certainly were not; they all knew very well what they were doing. Every now and then, the same group of people commit these acts of extreme hate, but are never investigated or arrested. Have they ever been investigated about who is funding them? Where are they trained? Who is sponsoring them and what degree of threat, these people are to the human race and humanity?

How on earth is offending more than a billion followers is different from any other thing that is classed as extreme or hate material? The guy has accepted that he had generated funds from America, England, France, Germany, Holland and Scotland for the movie. Does this not call for an enquiry into who these people were and what their motives are and should they not be put behind bars as they clearly are a threat to global peace? Who knows what they may have planned to do for future, may be a mindless act of terrorism, may be funding an act of terrorism, who knows?

I have failed to understand what is their problem? Why is it so important for them to tell me something, that I am well versed and qualified to understand better than them? Why is it their responsibility to GULP their views on me, in the name of expression? Why is it so important for them to tell me that an established history, that is recognised as science and is more auditable than any other account of events written in the history of mankind, was for some Bizarrely laughable reason not correct. Or are they like the same conspiracy theorists that the liberal fascists dismiss on a glorified premise of their own self praise and delusional liberalism? They seem no different to me than the conspiracy theorists, who on this occasion, happen to be on the OTHER side. So why the fuss? Don’t tell me about my belief, if you have bones then tell us about yourself and your belief, and then we may or may not have a discussion.

Is it really difficult to understand the love of Muslims towards their prophet? You may or may not agree with it but it is a fact that Muslims hold prophet dearer than their closest kins and family so much so that they may tolerate the unjust genocide of millions of people in Iraq, the mindless funding and support with money and weapon to people in the vested interests of the world powers but they will never accept or keep quite over any disgraceful act against their prophet. I believe we are Perfectly entitled to hold these views and I don’t see any reason for anyone to tell us not to love our prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). It is not only pointless but at the same time makes you laugh how these self contained, self proclaimed liberals and saviours of humanity commit extremism and fascism in the name of free speech. They jump up and down on slightest misconduct of the minority of idiots who commit mindless acts that are not acceptable by any human, let alone only Muslims but at the same time keep quite on these despicable acts of inciting hatred. I am sorry, but if you are as just and liberal as you claim then you should be standing for both sides, otherwise you are just a bunch of idiot extremists who just happen to be the counterparts of those
people on the "other" side. Practice what you preach, otherwise don’t complain or try to portray yourselves as peace loving, easy going promoters of humanity, because you are not so. Your views and beliefs are for you to keep, if they work for you, good for you, and leave me with my beliefs because they work for me. End of.
What would you call an idiot who tries to tell you how to and how not to, respect and love your parents, children or loved ones? What would you call a person who repeatedly tests the same waters that have been proven to be not suitable for a swim and complains about drowning?

I don’t care what you think of our religion or the Prophet, but keep it to yourself, live and let live otherwise don’t complain. These people, in minority make life and position of a common majority of sane non-muslims difficult, who may not believe in Islam or its teachings but at the same time liberal and sane enough not to hold any envy or grudge against Muslims or Islam.

I am not at all supportive of violent protests and believe that any act of harming innocent lives is despicable, but at the same time you cannot have control or predict the behaviour of over a billion people who come from all walks of  life, parts of the world and ethnicity.

I thank and appreciate all my non-muslim friends in Pakistan and across the world who took a principal stance against this pointless movie hand in hand along with their muslim brothers. Believe me you are way better than these despicable liberal fascists who don’t even try to hide their faces when a fascist extreme piece is thrown on their faces by their kind. They just go quite. Just the same way as they complain about some of the Muslims remaining silent on other acts of stupidity by some people from our ranks who obviously do not represent us. 

Just as protecting ethnic and religious minorities is the responsibility of the estate in any Muslim country, is it not the responsibility of the respective non-muslim countries to respect and protect the sentiments of millions of Muslims living in their countries in minority? Or am I being too naive of the obvious?

I must congratulate all Pakistanis the way they supported Rimsha Maseeh in a case perpetrated by a bigoted person. The way that the act of that idiot and his aids was rejected and discouraged and not supported by any segment of the society from Islamic scholars to the joe public sitting outside the muhallas, is plausible and very re-assuring. I am again disappointed by those so called liberals, liberal fascists and extremists who don’t waste a minute in pointing fingers to isolated madness but go back to their respective shells without appreciating anything good coming out of the society.

In the end, I would say to my fellow Pakistanis and indeed Muslims around the world that remember as a Muslim and indeed a human being, it is our collective responsibility to protect the foreigners and foreign embassies in our countries. They are in our protection and sharia puts a responsibility on us to protect them. Mindless attacks on innocent people who had absolutely nothing to do with this movie is in no way a method of expressing your anger. We should protest but in a way that does not dilutes the point. 

Going forward, there is a need for us to do a self analysis. Think about ourselves, think about the inept governments we have who brought us down to such a low that we cant even raise our voices properly and have become a punching bag for others.

We need to get our own houses in order, stand up for ourselves and chose our rulers wisely, not based on our affiliations but based on pure merit and sense. It’s high time that we transform ourselves into nations that actually contribute something to the world so that idiots like these think twice before taking a mick.

We have been brought so much to the bottom of the pit by our own ignorance and now we are in such a mess that we can’t even speak up for our prophet. We self-destruct whilst protesting in our own countries. Muslims living in foreign countries hardly come out as a joint voice against those idiots; they fail to convince their respective governments that acts like these should stop.

One thing is for sure, that banning things and cursing others for our losses is not going to get us any where. We need to raise our game and change our mindsets for the self esteem we all want and talk about. Once we do that, these insane idiots will just stop doing what they are doing.

Think about the people ruling us, do they really represent us? If they do then fine, stay where you are but if not, then start thinking for yourselves at least, if not for anyone else.

As for these Fascists, Get this loud and clear, Islam, Muslims and their love for Muhammad (S.A.W) are a reality, they will remain a reality and they are here to stay. Accept it, Get on with it and ‘Get a Life’.