Thursday, 5 December 2013

Ch Nisar's Admission of Guilt in the Assembly


Ch Nisar's Admission of Guilt in the Assembly

(5th December 2013)

 "I can tell even before NADRA verification, every constituency has 60-70 Thousand unverfiable votes (Read BOGUS) - No need for NADRA verification."

Mr Nisar, What happened to your PLEDGE of 40 constituencies? You have given up in only 4? This is just a TIP of the ice burg Mr Nisar. The MASSIVE rigging in the May 2013 Elections is now begining to be ...
uncovered with Undeniable proves. Whatever SPIN Nawaz Sharif and All other Parties want to give and play it down, the FACT remains, How is it possible that some votes are verified and SOME ARENT? This in itself is enough to prove that the "THAPPAY" were done elsewhere and people's REAL mandate was stolen.

We said it after the elections : "This is NOT how it ends, This actually How it BEGINS!!!!"

Watchout we are AT IT!!!!

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