Thursday, 5 December 2013

Nelson Mandela Passes Away

Nelson Mandela, A great soul has Passed away Tonight.
Nelson Mandela. His efforts and selfless Struggle for peace and justice will always be remembered. A truly selfless leader loved and respected not only by his own people but around the globe. 
The respect and Global Accolade earned by Mandela was phenomenal. But it was only because He loved and struggled for HIS OWN PEOPLE. He fought for his people on his own for 3 decades. He was mocked , teased, pushed , called terrorist (was on USA terrorists list till 2008 A SHAME FOR THE USA) ... BUT HE NEVER GAVE UP ... He was Determined. He has taught the modern world that Success can be achieved through hard work and selfless struggle. No matter what the circumstances are...

THOSE who sell their people's blood in the name of collateral damage will surely be at the lowest pit of the wall of shame and hate ... remember that TRAITORS of PAKISTAN ....

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