Thursday, 5 December 2013

Imran Khan Meets NATO Countries' ambassadors

Imran Khan Meets NATO Countries' ambassadors

Chairman Imran Khan has met with the ambassadors of all NATO countries today. As mentioned in his interview with Jasmeen and indicated by Shah Mahmood Qureshi earlier a couple of Days ago.

This is how you build your case and how you apply pressure effectively. It is imperative to note that this is what the Prime Minister COULD and SHOULD have done. It is sad to see that the government and other
political parties who signed up to the parliamentary and APC resolutions are backing off from the pledge at a critical time. But this will not stop PTI from Going ahead with APC and Parliamentary resolutions, PHC decision, its Election Promise and indeed the will of the people of Pakistan, the very people who have been directly affected by this so called war on terror.

Sending a strong message to the US and getting all NATO countries in confidence over illegal trespassing of US and Drone attacks on our soils without even being in Power is a Tactical win for PTI and a step forward in achieving stability in our country.

PTI is committed to do what ever we have in our Remit to end bloodshed on our land and to bring peace in our country. The pointless war has already claimed thousands of lives and we are out of pocket by north of $100 Billion with nil investment, destroyed infrastructure, Deteriorating law and order and sky rocketing inflation. This needs to stop. No compromise on our sovereignty, no to Drones.

PTI is committed to all its Election Promises no matter what.

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