Thursday, 5 December 2013

Convenient compass

Convenient compass
(The News 5th December 2013)
This refers to Nadir Hassan's article, ‘Whither PTI?’ (November 28). It seems that there is no pleasing for the compulsive PTI critics. I am perplexed how implementing a firm election promise, the unanimous resolution of four APCs, a number of parliamentary resolutions and a high court's decision can be termed illegal or undemocratic.

I fail to see how the blockade of the Nato supply is a loss for the drivers rather than their employers. Surely Nato supplies don't just get off the boat and loaded pro rata on some truck. These contracts may have provided for the living of a few truck drivers but the rewards are only reaped by the ruling elite. The USAID argument is incorrect since the initiatives have been going on since 2007 – ending in 2015. Interestingly, all these reminders have only come through one particular faction in Pakistan and not the US itself. Probably due to the fact that the total aid in the last 12 years to Pakistan is a mere $20 billion including $10 billion CSP, which is merely 0.6 percent of the GDP per annum and an insignificant 0.3 percent without CSP. The net loss to the economy due to this pointless war is north of $100 billion as per careful estimates. Talks, protests and pressure tactics are widely practised democratic norms across the globe. Stopping Nato supplies may not stop the drones but it certainly sends a stronger message than mere condemnation.

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