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Friday, 27 December 2013

Imran Ismail's Response to Bilawal and Shehla Raza's Non Sense


پیپلز پارٹی جیسی سیاسی لاش کو غسل دینے کے لئے چار لوٹے پانی ہی کافی ہے


Thursday, 19 December 2013

Two Hundred Dollar Man

Published Dawn 18/12/2013

This is in response to Mr Irfan Hussain's Column “A CIA agent’s take on drones” (14/12/2013).

I am not sure what Mr Hussain was trying to achieve through building an argument around someone i.e. the CIA agent in Pakistan who is busy selling blood of his own people for mere $200 a month. The points put across by the agent didn’t seem anything more than a traitor justifying his jobs-worth. What should one expect from someone selling the motherland for $200? If it is our war then what’s the justification of CIA agents operating
from our soil providing intelligence to the US? It gives strength to the notion that the American CIA is waging a secret war on our soil through its network of spies.Mr Hussain's central character then in his excitement goes further saying the following:

"...From a military standpoint, it’s a success for the United States. And I contribute to that success."

Does it not tell whose war we have tangled ourselves into?

Rubbishing the innocent death toll including that of women and children by the agent and later on admitting the same didn’t make sense. Regardless of numbers, isn’t loss of one innocent life, one too many? Besides, it’s not just one person but a whole affected family or clan that is more likely to be sucked into a blood feud with the state. I leave it to Mr Hussain to do the maths.

About the misconception that none of Pakistan’s laws apply to FATA. Perhaps the writer ignored the fact that it is the government of Pakistan that is still governing FATA through colonial set of laws brought in by the British in 1901 to counter Pakhtun opposition to their rule and unfortunately little has been done since then to integrate FATA into Pakistan, for the same reason i.e. to protect the ruling elite’s interests. Not integrating and extending the writ of the State to FATA is not due to the situation but due to the administrative arrangements of the state of Pakistan. It is also against the will of people of FATA. Read FATA declaration published 25/06/2013 in various papers. There is practically no writ of the government in Lyari and various other parts of the country, what shall we do? Drone the areas?

The US AID $20 billion in 12 years that includes $10 Billion of CSF represents a mere 0.3% of our GDP and peanuts when compared to the loss of $100 billion due to this pointless war. Contextually, Mr Haggle’s warning may be a blessing in disguise for Pakistan, as for once we may learn to live without cap in hand. Besides, if it is a price tag for our blood and sovereignty, then we are better off without it.

Published Daily Dawn (18/12/2013) 
News article link to the rejoinder "Drone Attacks" 

Sunday, 8 December 2013

KP's "Real" Issues

THIS is in response to news item “KP’s real issues succumb to PTI’s populist approach” (Nov 25).
The report seemed to be a more of PTI opponents’ views than a factual analysis of the situation in KP. The reporter also seemed to have played it safe by quoting statements of ANP and JUI (F) leaders and a professor from the University of Peshawar, creating a particular spin.
Fulfilling electoral promise and implementing the APC resolution cannot just be termed populist. The issues faced by the people of KP as quoted in the story are not unique to the province. In fact, they are faced by all Pakistanis across the country. Price hike and unemployment are not governance issues but are a result of federal incompetence and the overall financial gloom in the country. Vague remarks on governance and phrases like ‘many think’, and then quotes by the JUI(F), ANP leaders and a professor are not convincing, and ironically discredits the argument.
Bullied by the ‘thana and patwari’ culture and deprived of health and education facilities, the common Pakistani is also faced with the unending increase in prices and security issues.
Perhaps a survey on the real issues in KP could help gauge the progress in the mentioned areas for the story. Snap checks in hospitals, the thana and patwari culture, mystery shopping, the RTI Law, visiting schools, testing the e-government facilities and getting feedback from residents could also help in gathering data, rather than just calling PTI critics and building a story based on their opinions.
The story links industrial shutdown in KP to the subsidies withdrawn in the 1990s, quoting the case of Gadoon Amazai Industrial Estate. Factually, in 2008, gas and electricity load shedding was one of the major issues faced by the project. The subsidies referred to are as follows:
Income tax holiday for eight years
Exemption from sales-tax for five years
Exemption from custom duty on imported machinery
Duty-free import of raw materials 50pc concession in electricity tariff
None of these incentives is a provincial subject, and the fact that one of the biggest industrial groups had also stopped functioning in the area tells us that there is more to the subject than just the withdrawal of incentives.
There can be a multitude of reasons for the shutdown in the past, but who in their right minds will reinvest in a province battered by terrorism?
The story conveniently avoided a holistic view of the situation, which failed to focus on the real issues.
Published in Daily Dawn (08/12/2013)

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Nelson Mandela Passes Away

Nelson Mandela, A great soul has Passed away Tonight.
Nelson Mandela. His efforts and selfless Struggle for peace and justice will always be remembered. A truly selfless leader loved and respected not only by his own people but around the globe. 
The respect and Global Accolade earned by Mandela was phenomenal. But it was only because He loved and struggled for HIS OWN PEOPLE. He fought for his people on his own for 3 decades. He was mocked , teased, pushed , called terrorist (was on USA terrorists list till 2008 A SHAME FOR THE USA) ... BUT HE NEVER GAVE UP ... He was Determined. He has taught the modern world that Success can be achieved through hard work and selfless struggle. No matter what the circumstances are...

THOSE who sell their people's blood in the name of collateral damage will surely be at the lowest pit of the wall of shame and hate ... remember that TRAITORS of PAKISTAN ....

Convenient compass

Convenient compass
(The News 5th December 2013)
This refers to Nadir Hassan's article, ‘Whither PTI?’ (November 28). It seems that there is no pleasing for the compulsive PTI critics. I am perplexed how implementing a firm election promise, the unanimous resolution of four APCs, a number of parliamentary resolutions and a high court's decision can be termed illegal or undemocratic.

I fail to see how the blockade of the Nato supply is a loss for the drivers rather than their employers. Surely Nato supplies don't just get off the boat and loaded pro rata on some truck. These contracts may have provided for the living of a few truck drivers but the rewards are only reaped by the ruling elite. The USAID argument is incorrect since the initiatives have been going on since 2007 – ending in 2015. Interestingly, all these reminders have only come through one particular faction in Pakistan and not the US itself. Probably due to the fact that the total aid in the last 12 years to Pakistan is a mere $20 billion including $10 billion CSP, which is merely 0.6 percent of the GDP per annum and an insignificant 0.3 percent without CSP. The net loss to the economy due to this pointless war is north of $100 billion as per careful estimates. Talks, protests and pressure tactics are widely practised democratic norms across the globe. Stopping Nato supplies may not stop the drones but it certainly sends a stronger message than mere condemnation.

Ch Nisar's Admission of Guilt in the Assembly


Ch Nisar's Admission of Guilt in the Assembly

(5th December 2013)

 "I can tell even before NADRA verification, every constituency has 60-70 Thousand unverfiable votes (Read BOGUS) - No need for NADRA verification."

Mr Nisar, What happened to your PLEDGE of 40 constituencies? You have given up in only 4? This is just a TIP of the ice burg Mr Nisar. The MASSIVE rigging in the May 2013 Elections is now begining to be ...
uncovered with Undeniable proves. Whatever SPIN Nawaz Sharif and All other Parties want to give and play it down, the FACT remains, How is it possible that some votes are verified and SOME ARENT? This in itself is enough to prove that the "THAPPAY" were done elsewhere and people's REAL mandate was stolen.

We said it after the elections : "This is NOT how it ends, This actually How it BEGINS!!!!"

Watchout we are AT IT!!!!

Imran Khan Meets NATO Countries' ambassadors

Imran Khan Meets NATO Countries' ambassadors

Chairman Imran Khan has met with the ambassadors of all NATO countries today. As mentioned in his interview with Jasmeen and indicated by Shah Mahmood Qureshi earlier a couple of Days ago.

This is how you build your case and how you apply pressure effectively. It is imperative to note that this is what the Prime Minister COULD and SHOULD have done. It is sad to see that the government and other
political parties who signed up to the parliamentary and APC resolutions are backing off from the pledge at a critical time. But this will not stop PTI from Going ahead with APC and Parliamentary resolutions, PHC decision, its Election Promise and indeed the will of the people of Pakistan, the very people who have been directly affected by this so called war on terror.

Sending a strong message to the US and getting all NATO countries in confidence over illegal trespassing of US and Drone attacks on our soils without even being in Power is a Tactical win for PTI and a step forward in achieving stability in our country.

PTI is committed to do what ever we have in our Remit to end bloodshed on our land and to bring peace in our country. The pointless war has already claimed thousands of lives and we are out of pocket by north of $100 Billion with nil investment, destroyed infrastructure, Deteriorating law and order and sky rocketing inflation. This needs to stop. No compromise on our sovereignty, no to Drones.

PTI is committed to all its Election Promises no matter what.